DIY Teething Survival Kit

December 17, 2013 | Posted in baby, education, teething

Need a unique and INCREDIBLY useful gift for a baby or new mom?  We are sharing one of our favorite things - a Teething Survival Kit.  You can easily put this cute gift together.  Here are the "ingredients' and why they are included:

  • A teether We love the Octo Brush. It is a combo teether/toothbrush with lots of different textures on it. It will help baby soothe those achy gums, help teeth erupt, and keep new teeth clean. Plus, it fits on a pacifier tether.
  • A Baby Toothbrush Our favorite is the Baby Banana Brush. It is 100% Medical grade silicone, which makes a soft toothbrush that little folks can use on their own, or with an adult's help.
  • Training Toothpaste to get those new teeth nice and clean, and to give brushing a little flavor for baby. Select a fun flavor that doesn't have fluoride for baby's first toothpaste, since she will likely be swallowing it. 
  • Baby Aquaphor helps with chapped/irritated skin and can be applied as a barrier between baby's skin and all that drool.
  • Baby Orajel helps relieve gum pain!
  • Baby Washcloths can help with gum pain too. Get them wet, put them in the freezer for a bit, and let baby chew on them. The chewing also helps work teeth through.
  • Plastic-backed Bib helps keep the drool off of baby's chest (which can also get irritated from continual wetness). 
  • Stuffy nose wipes for when food gets mushy and caked on, or when the drool is out of control, use these to help keep baby's face clean, but moisturized (a popular brand is called boogie wipes).
  • Baby Tylenol provides relief when those little teethers run a fever, or are super fussy because of gum pain.

Once you have selected your ingredients, put them all together in a cute storage container that can be reused to hold other things after teething is over.  

P.S. We do have the Octo Brush and Baby Banana Brush available in our office. You can also find them online at the links above, and at some Babies R Us stores.

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