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Tips for Infant and Toddler Teeth Brushing

June 15, 2015 | Posted in baby, brushing, dental info, education, how to, infant, toddler

Finding it a bit tricky to get your child's teeth properly brushed?  Dr. Craig and his kids, Carina and Callen, shot a live segment showing some tools and tricks to help get the job done!

Video: Tips for teething and what a dental exam looks like for a 12 month old

June 15, 2015 | Posted in baby, dental info, education, exam, teething, video

Dr. Craig and his son, Callen, star in this video about ways to make the teething process more comfortable.  It also shows how a first dental exam is typically done for babies around 12 months of age.  

8 Ideas to Make Brushing Easy and Fun

February 3, 2014 | Posted in Dental Info, Education

Does tooth brushing time feel like a minty-fresh form of torture at your house? Check out our tips to make taking care of those little grins easier for everyone involved:

Use a timer. Whether it’s an hourglass style sand timer that you get from your dentist, a stop watch, or a kitchen timer, set it for two minutes to help make sure that everyone (even mom and dad) is brushing long enough. Stick ‘e… Continue Reading

5 Foods for Oral Health

September 17, 2013 | Posted in Dental Info, Education

We all know that brushing, flossing, and staying away from sugary foods helps to keep our teeth healthy, but did you know that there are certain foods that can help make your mouth healthier?

1. Cheese - There’s a reason why we say, “Cheese!” when we show off our smile for a photo. Cheese contains calcium, phosphorus, and casein, all of which can help keep our tooth enamel strong. Cheese is also lo… Continue Reading

Summer Scheduling

June 3, 2013 | Posted in Dental Info

Many families wait til summer break to schedule their kids' dental visits. With that in mind, we have a few tips for scheduling dental appointments.

1. If your kids will be due for a dental appointment in June, July, or August, schedule it now to ensure the best selection of appointment times (and so that you won't forget once summer chaos begins). Keep in mind that 8am and 4pm appointments fill up… Continue Reading

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