Still Have Questions? We have Answers.

  1. Why?

    Yes, we imagine you get asked that one a lot too.  We’ll do our best to answer these on a case-by-case basis.

  2. When should I bring my child for their first dental visit?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children have their first dental visit at age 12 months.  We completely agree with them!

  3. What age range of kids do you see?

    We see 12 month old babies on up to about age 12-13, or until big kids decide they are too cool for us.  Usually by then they have most of their adult teeth, and they’re ready for one of those boring, adult dental practices.

  4. Are parents allowed to be in the room during dental treatment?

    Parents are welcome to accompany their children to the exam room for both routine checkups and restorative procedures. Of course, if you prefer to stay in our “back yard” waiting area and get your turn with our Nabi2 tablets, you are welcome to do that as well.  We leave this decision up to the parents and child at each visit.  Our hope is that eventually our Little Grinners will be comfortable with us and be able to come back for their dental visit independently.  Either way, Dr. Craig will always visit directly with our Little Grinners’ parent/responsible adult to keep them updated on what was done during the appointment and what the next steps are.

  5. What happens at a first dental visit?

    All kinds of fun stuff happens at our office when we see a new Little Grinner for the first time. We always start off with a romp in the play gym, and the fun continues from there. For details on what a typical first visit to our office is like, visit our patient information page.

  6. I already know that my child has a cavity. Can I make an appointment to have it repaired?

    Unless it is an emergency situation, we try not to do restorative procedures (aka things that require sparkly gel and our special brush for getting food out) on a first visit.  If your child has been diagnosed by another dentist, we are happy to look at existing x-rays and treatment plans at your first visit, which will either be a typical cleaning, or what is called a “limited exam”, based on your child’s age and dental history.

  7. How long does an appointment usually take?

    A typical appointment usually takes about 45 minutes.  But, keep in mind our office is anything but typical.

  8. What is your earliest/latest appointment?

    We schedule appointments on the hour, starting at 8am and ending at 4pm, with a break at 12n for lunch.  Those 4pm appointments fill up very quickly.

  9. Do you take MO HealthNet/Medicaid?

    We do not file MO HealthNet, which is the medicaid plan in Missouri.  For more information on how our office handles insurance and other payment options, visit our Insurance Information page.

  10. What types of insurance do you take?

    We are in-network providers for DeltaDental PPO and Premier, MetDental, Humana, Assurant PPO, Aetna PPO, and United Healthcare.  We are also able to file other private insurance claims as an out-of-network provider.  For more information on how we handle insurance, visit our insurance information page.

  11. Where are you located?

    We work in one of the most fun neighborhoods in Springfield!  Our neighbors have the best custard in the world, a huge collection of sporting goods, a store that sells EVERYTHING, top-ranked Asian food, and a place that turned piles of lumber into piles of books. More specifically, we are at 4728 S. Campbell, across from The Library Center in the Lakewood shopping center. Map

  12. Why don’t you have prices posted on your website?

    There are many factors that can change what fees are charged for a child’s dental visit, including dental history, age, behavior (which affects what procedures we are able to do), and severity of existing dental issues, such as cavities or jabber-jaw.

  13. Is Dr. Craig silly all the time?

    Dr. Craig is actually very serious about providing dental care for children.  But otherwise, yes, he’s pretty silly.

  14. Do you do tooth colored fillings?

    For most small cavities, we only do tooth colored fillings.  In situations where most of the tooth has decayed, we have to use silver caps which are also known as stainless steel crowns. We do not use colored (such as pink, blue, green) fillings, because then it just looks like your teeth are full of food, and we have to start all over with a cleaning again.

  15. Do you do in-office sedation?

    We use nitrous (happy gas) in some restorative appointments to help our more apprehensive patients relax.  We regret that we are unable to provide nitrous to apprehensive parents. We do not do in-office oral sedation. We do provide full-sedation surgery services at the C. Rex Witherspoon Surgery Center when necessary.

  16. Do you do braces?

    No, but we know some really awesome Orthodontists who do.  We’ll be happy to refer you to one of them based on your needs and location.

  17. Why does my child need a dental checkup every six months instead of once year like the pediatrician?

    It typically takes about six months for a small cavity to develop, so by scheduling a check-up every six months, we’re making sure that nothing gets out of hand in our Little Grinners’ mouths! Plus, we would miss you too much if we only got to see you once per year.

  18. Is the tooth fairy real?

    If she’s not real, where do all those teeth go?

  19. Do you offer a sibling discount?

    We do not offer a sibling discount. However, we are sometimes able to provide dental care to two siblings simultaneously, so while we can’t save you any money, we can save you some time.

  20. Do you see adults?

    We can see adults, as long as we have our glasses on. But, we don’t provide dental care to adults.  All of our equipment - chairs, xray sensors, 3D Glasses, dental assistants, magic doors - are all pediatric sized, so we need to stick with small people.

  21. Do you offer a cash discount?

    We do not offer a cash discount.  Our mob boss doesn’t allow it. We do offer payment plans via CareCredit. You can learn more about this on our Insurance Information Page

  22. Who painted your murals?

    The incredible Sherri Davis of Murals by Sherri Davis did.  We are totally thrilled with her work and highly recommend her. You can learn more about her on her website.

  23. When can we come back?

    Technically, we hope there’s no need to see you more than every six months. But, that is a really long time for us to be apart and we sure do start to miss you after a while. So, we invite all our active patients to come in and visit the play Craig whenever you like.

  24. What is your inclement weather policy?

    We actually like to come to work, so we try to be open even when mother nature is a little crabby.  If Springfield Public Schools are closed, we will be closed in AM.  We will make a decision about PM appointments by 10:30am that day.

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