We provide a positive dental experience for children and parents.

From the moment you walk through the front door at Little Grins Dental, it is evident that we are focused on pediatric dental care. From our indoor playground to the colorful murals, through the child-sized doorway, into our exam rooms outfitted with pediatric sized equipment and 3D televisions, and from within the kind, gentle manner and professional expertise of our staff, you can see that we are clearly kid-friendly.

What is not so evident, but equally important to us, is that the families of our Little Grinners feel comfortable and happy in our office as well. As parents we know that we often transfer our feelings about something onto our children whether we want to or not. In the case of visiting a pediatric dentist, a nervous or apprehensive parent can often lead to a nervous or apprehensive child. Our goal is to make your child feel happy and at ease, but also to take away any concerns you may have.

In our dental practice, we strive to be open and clear about everything that we do. That is why parents are welcome to accompany their child into the exam room. Dr. Craig and our dental professionals will speak directly to your child, explaining what they are going to do and why it is important. Dr. Craig will also discuss each appointment’s procedures as well as any future treatment plans directly with you, and you are encouraged to ask questions.